Technical Data Sheet

Vision Feeder’s family is made up of three format VF46 / VF55 / VF65 with different size to choose on the bases of pieces dimension.

How does it work?

The feeding tension is 230V/50Hz, and needs a controller.

We supply a fixed frequency controller (CB4 / CB6) and a changeable frequency one with a digital panel ( VFG-D). Every Vision Feeder’s component is made, designed and tested with great care during every step of construction.

We use only high quality materials certified by our European suppliers.

Vibrating Bases:

  •  Electromagnets incorporated into an epoxy resin 230V/50 – 60Hz
  • Two versions: only one central magnet / three radial magnets
  • Multiple fiber and composite material S-Ply® leaf spring certified.
  • High performance with slight and measured vibration.
  • Reliability and load resistance guaranteed
  • Immediate availability of every spare part.
  • Stainless carter. Easy accessibility for potential intervention or internal inspection without necessity of bowl disassembly.

Cylindrical containers:

  • Stainless steel Aisi 304 ( or Aisi 316) only.
  • Internal and external micro shot peening or manual polishing finishing.
  • Different internal coating.
  • Metal sheet components designed and cut by laser.
  • Assembling and welding with repeatibility guarantee.
  • Adjustable clamping lever use for easier regulations.
  • Static and dynamic balancing with appropriate screw fixed counterweights.

You can personalize your Vision Feeder™ system with:

Strap and linear for camera application
Support benches and isolators
Loading systems
Level sensor and balanced bellows
Envelope machine and end of line

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