Would you like to handle more parts with your machine using just one vibratory feeder?

Now it’s possible: with VISION FEEDER™ you can orient parts of various shapes and geometries, placing them in your inspection zone.

You no longer need multiple dedicated vibrators for a single part; with simple adjustments, you have just one, universal feeder.


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The purchase of a vision and inspection machine involves a significant investment, justified by the performance and results required.

However, classic vibrators, by their very nature, are very rigid and dedicated to a single product. Even if they are designed for several products, these must have minimal differences between them.

The VISION FEEDER™, on the other hand, has been designed and manufactured to orientate the most diverse workpieces by simply positioning them in the control zone. It is no longer necessary to have many dedicated vibrators for individual workpieces, but with simple adjustments, one, universal vibrator is sufficient.

Its vision system can easily control multiple parts with different geometries and shapes. By simply changing the programme from the panel, up to 200 different codes can be entered.

Unfortunately, this performance is limited by the feeding system, which orients the pieces in single file on the glass disc or ribbon.

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• Your customers for a major investment, such as the purchase of a vision machine, would like to inspect as many parts as possible.

• Vision Feeder™ allows you to control a range of different parts.

• With Vision Feeder™ you meet the customer’s need.

• They would like a system that is easy to use and very versatile.

• Adjustments for format change are simple and intuitive.

• The system as a whole is simple and manageable.

• They ask you for low prices and very tight delivery times.

• You can keep the final price down because you only use one power supply instead of several different ones.

• We provide videos, user manual and instructions.

• We can deliver the system to you within a month.

• Cut costs, speed up delivery times and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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